Just a Little Note

on Friday, February 13, 2009

As a bit of a follow-up to my last post, I received a sweet little note in the mail yesterday from one of my friends that I had somewhat lost contact with since busy college life has commenced. She went out of her way to find my address from my family and sent me a charming card to my little (normally empty!) Purdue mailbox.

I have been having a pretty rough week, having been sick for the past two weeks and then one of my family members being sent to the hospital. I feel as if Pam, the girl who wrote me that note, is one of those friends that just know that something is wrong even if you never speak a single word of it to them. She has always been there to listen when I had important things to talk about and get off my chest and this little note proved, once again, that she is a truly wonderful person in my life.

These little acts of kindness really spread so much love. Especially at a college that is much further away from the friends and family that you want to see, I feel like these notes and reminders of people thinking of you can go such an extremely long way.

What I have done several times, is write letters to soldiers that are in Iraq. I have been told that when they get letters from civilians, it helps revive their spirits and makes them realize again why they are putting their lives in danger. It takes so little time but things like this that are unexpected treats, mean so much to both those receiving them and also, those that are giving or sending the encouragement.


Has an issue said...

I think that its incredible how powerful a kind word or two is. Especially in times when all that seems to surround you is the gray cloud that loves to pour on the rain, a kind word is like an umbrella and a ray of sunshine gleaming down on you.

Especially after reading your experience writing notes to soldiers in Iraq, I felt very compelled to say something nice. Therefore, I believe that you, as well as other members of the supporting community should have a little sunshine shed on you in return for you kindness. So I thank you for your kindness, especially reaching out to soldiers in Iraq. Seeing as my cousin was over there, I also think we should support the troops preserving freedom a little more than we do

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