Soup Anyone?

on Friday, February 27, 2009

It seems like everyone has the feel that volunteering is nothing more than feeding and clothing the needy. I would love to challenge each one of you to reach out into the local community and do some of these activities that some may not see as rewarding for you at all. I have been able to immerse myself in several different situations that have led to, what I truly feel, the betterment of myself and my character. So many of these instances have stemmed from volunteering in general, but specifically through simply spending just a few hours of my day helping out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter. I wanted to let you know about an opportunity that I recently found that is here in Lafayette, Indiana. The St. Ann’s Church of Lafayette has a soup kitchen and I am sure would never turn away a helping hand. Not only would you have the opportunity to be helping out our direct community here in Tippecanoe county, but you would also be able to spend some time with those that I’m sure would love to share their stories with you. No matter who you are and who you are with, I certainly feel like there is always something to be learned from each human being. While growing up in the suburbs of Indianapolis, I was able to go to a number of organizations that helped out homeless and struggling people of the city and provided the basic needs of food and shelter that they had currently not been able to afford or find. These little offerings of time and effort by those that are extremely fortunate, can help to extend some love and hope into individuals that have been struggling for quite some time. I have been blessed with what I have been given and I love to share the joy I have in my heart with those that can’t seem to find it. You should think about doing the same with some of your time.


equineaddict said...

During my years of high school, once a week my school would take a group of students to our local soup kitchen. It was a very rewarding experience but also an experience that really made you open your eyes. Many of the people that you would see were so grateful for the one meal we gave them that you could just see the joy in their eyes. This was very eye opening because we take meals for granted all the time but for the homeless, one meal made such a difference to them that they were very grateful. It felt good to know I was helping so many people just by giving a little time and serving food.

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