Crisis Pregnancy Center

on Friday, March 27, 2009

During my junior year of high school, aside from school and my part-time job, I was able to volunteer for a short time at the Crisis Pregnancy Center in downtown Indianapolis. Mostly, I was standing at the reception desk, helping the women that came in with whatever kind of help that they came into the center for.

The Crisis Pregnancy Center offers so many different services to the women that enter the facility. Everything at the center is free—from pregnancy tests, to ultrasounds, to counseling and referrals. There are professional doctors and psychiatrists on site so that these women can help cope with the massive amount of emotion that they are experiencing at this time in their lives.

So many women feel alone when they are going through these types of scares, when their worst fear at this time in their life is realized, but these counselors are able to redefine their confidence in themselves and help them understand their options as a mother. They can talk to them about anything and everything, asking for any type of help that they need. The center can also help them locate a job to help promote some financial security in their lives and find some stability emotionally and economically.

Being one of the most life-changing experiences through volunteering that I have ever been a part of, the Crisis Pregnancy Center holds a dear place in my life. This center helps extremely lost and scared women through what could be one of the most monumental experiences of their lives.

It was so sad to see most of the women enter the center without anyone by their side, and through talking with some of them, they truly felt all alone in this situation. The center, and its incredible employees, were able to give them hope for what was to come—no matter what outcome was in store for them.

I cannot begin to explain what this type of experience can do for someone, challenging your beliefs on some issues, while strengthening your ideals in other aspects. The incredible people that I have encountered, both fellow volunteers and the women entering the facility, have been extreme influences on my beliefs and my character.


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