Slim Pickin's

on Friday, March 6, 2009

If I were a betting woman, I would without a doubt put some money on the fact that I will be and will remain one of the pickiest eaters that you will have ever met. I eat only bland foods, with very few exceptions, and my friends comment on a regular basis that everything I eat is some shade of tan. My favorite food is some form of chicken, but I don't like anything on it—no tomatoes, no sauces, nothing. And when I head to a friends house, I feel like I need to inform them that I don't eat hamburger, other beef, or just red meat in general. Most people say I am just stubborn, but I honestly cannot stomach most foods.

Being such a difficult eater has led to so many issues with me, specifically when it comes to traveling at all. In a smaller scale, as I stated above, history has shown that my friends' families feel the need to cook around my specific palate of food. This has truly led to some instances where I have felt like an extreme inconvenience to my friends and their families. Also, just as Meg Ryan's character in “When Harry met Sally,” “on-the-side” is a very big thing for me; either on-the-side or completely left off is the way to go for me.

In an even more personal note, this picky eating that I can't seem to control, has made it truly difficult when I travel to different regions, such as New Orleans, or the different country that I have been able to spend three weeks in, Panama. New Orleans was very easy to deal with because of the fact that the team that I was with would eat at the church, which had packaged, bland foods, and when went out into the city, we would mostly eat at restaurants that would serve to order.

Being picky is not a real choice for me, I do not have much control over it. It has caused several different obstacles when I travel and it is a unique way to slow down someone or cause them to be a little hesitant to go to a certain area because of the intimidating foods that will await them.


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