Middle School Mentoring

on Friday, March 27, 2009

As I would walk into my home church in Indianapolis every Sunday morning, I could hear all the hello's resounding in my direction from the 5th and 6th graders that I would mentor. I had the wonderful opportunity to have been asked by the middle school pastor to spend time with many of the different students within our church community that needed some love and understanding. These students had been going through so many rough times in their lives and needed someone to listen and give some advice on how to cope with these problems.

Every week, I could see the light in their eyes during our short amount of time together just because someone was there for them and wanted to see how they were doing. Going back to one of my previous entries, I believe that volunteering is about so much more than money—its about the love, time, and talents that you devote to others and your community. These kids in need weren't looking for someone to hand them money—they were looking for an open heart to pour their issues out on to regain some of the childhood innocence that they had lost.

I feel as if I have made some very real bonds with these 5th and 6th graders that I have devoted so much time to. We still keep in great contact while I am studying at Purdue University and make plans to spend time together when I return to my hometown. They know that someone is always out there, ready to listen to them whenever they feel the need to call on someone.

I have been privileged to work with these kids 3 of my high school years and they are now entering their own years in a high school atmosphere. I am so excited for their lives and I know that these hardships that they have faced will be character strengtheners and not inhibit their dreams and ambitions. Each of them have incredible hearts and I love every moment that I have spent with them.


bella said...

I think it is really great that you still take the time out to talk to these kids if they need help. Offering a helping hand in the first place is one thing, but continuing to help them well past the expected time really lets someone know that you care. It is so important that everyone has at least one person they can talk to about everything and it's really great that you can be that person to younger kids who look up to you.

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