CIY and International Trips

on Friday, April 17, 2009

As this blog begins to come to a close, I would like to begin to talk about different ways to help others and volunteer your time in a way that can benefit the lives of those in other countries, as well as our own.

Through my experiences, I have almost always sought out these different venues through my church or other Christian organizations. I was able to go to the country of Panama for a month through an organization called Christ in Youth (CIY) or I have heard of others finding mission/service work through YouthWorks.

These different programs help find different opportunities in the area where you would want to volunteer your time and help to layout your trip, helping to find different resources to create a more efficient, helpful, and fun experience for everyone involved. Once you get everything in line, most of your trip can be planned out for you.

For my Panama trip, I was able to reach my destination of David, Panama, and after that, the different villages were prepared for our arrival and we were able to help them in as many ways as possible within our time frame. Everything ran extremely smoothly and we were able to help these people in so many different ways.

If this is something that you would really want to do, there is no stopping you from achieving your goal of helping someone in need. There is no need to feel intimidated by a large, international trip because there are so many people that are there to help out and plan these trips for you.


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