Life After Death: Organ Donation

on Monday, April 13, 2009

With all of the medical shows now scattered all of the TV, I have began to wonder what will become of my things after I get old and pass away. My possessions? I'm not sure what to do with or who to leave certain things to. What I have always known that I want to do for sure, no questions asked, is donate my organs.

I have always been a supporter of organ donation because even if my life could not be saved, one or several lives could be. When there are over 101,000 different people waiting for specific organs, I feel as if we need to step up and take on the responsibility and duty of being a donor.

What is really great is that there is no age limit to become a donor. There are instances where a 60-year old's heart could be much healthier than a 20-year old's. Anyone can be a donor, even if you have a disease. Where this disease may affect one of the possible organs, there others that could still save lives.

Helping people has always been my life, whether it is something extremely small like giving a smile or going on a service trip to a foreign country. Why would I not want my final step out of this world benefit someone who is in desperate need. Their time is not up and I feel like it would be my responsibility to help them stay alive and healthy as long and as soon as possible.

What I found out while I was in the process of writing this article is that there is a program that is promoting itself to colleges and universities specifically, called "2009 National Donation Campus Challenge." Their goal is to register 60,000 new organ donors by November. On OrganDonor.Gov, in regard to this Campus Challenge, they say, "The 2009 National Donation Campus Challenge promotes partnerships between organ and tissue donation organizations and colleges, universities, and other post-secondary institutions. Working together to register 60,000 new organ donors by November 30, 2009. You can be the one who gets administrators, staff, faculty, students, alumni — the whole campus community — to join in and sign up. "


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